What started as a young girl trying to make sense of this life has become an exercise in using the written word to make the world a better place.


Meet Ranee Parker

Writer, coffee drinker, cat lover

Ranee Parker.jpg

I have always been most comfortable when writing and would rather use the written word than any other form of communication. I began creating poetry at a young, angst-filled age but my writing style has evolved into a joy of short stories, blogging about life and loves, and the occasional fiction thrown in for fun.

After graduating from the University of North Dakota with a degree in Communications, specializing in design concepts and media studies, I started a boutique web design studio, PAX e-Graphics, where I use my creativity to design beautiful websites for artists, makers, and creative business owners. I have a fierce love of cats, coffee, wine, travelling, and text conversations using only GIFs.

I live with my human and fur family in Central Canada.


Every writer needs a cat

When I’m not sure what to write about, Tiga offers to help.